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ComedyRecord.com - Your Home for Current & Classic Comedy

This website focuses on comedy and Comedy Records (or, if you prefer, Comedy Albums, since some insist the word "record" applies only to vinyl recordings). ComedyRecord.com is devoted to comedy in general, but favors content related to comedy on recorded media, whether it be records, CDs, DVDs, mp3s or other formats (some of you may remember cassettes, VHS tapes, and -- wait, were there ever any comedy albums on 8-Track or Reel To Reel? If so, who knows, we may cover it). Pages on this site delve into current and classic comedy artists and groups, their records, notable comedy record covers, standup comedy, musical comedy, comedy news and more. Feel free to email your ideas, suggestions and feedback.


Editor in Chief and Content Curator: Dr. Don Rose

Contact Email: drddrose (at) gmail (dot) com 

ComedyRecord.com HQ: Los Angeles, CA


Favorite Comedy Album (Neurotic): Woody Allen - "Standup Comic"

Favorite Comedy Albums (Absurdist): Steve Martin

Favorite Comedy Albums (Labyrinthine): Firesign Theatre 

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