George Carlin -

George Carlin Comedy Record - Class Clown
George Carlin Comedy Record - Playin with your Head
George Carlin Comedy Record - Complaints and Grievances

GEORGE CARLIN started out in a comedy team, went solo as a mainstream clean-cut Ed Sullivan era comic, then morphed into a long-haired bearded rebel who became the heir to Lenny Bruce's throne as Envelope Pusher In Chief, going to the Supreme Court over his Seven Dirty Words routine. He was the first to host Saturday Night Live in 75 (back when there was no "Live" in the name), and the first person profiled here on Comedy Record. 

Carlin stayed edgy, hilarious and relevant for decades, as evidenced by his long streak of HBO specials, records, CDs and DVDs. If anything, he got edgier as he aged, with less of the "sweeter" material that peppered his younger self's act (something that seems to characterize Bill Cosby as well).

We've posted a few video highlights and album covers from the classic Class Clown comedian's career here, from various stages of his life.

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